Predictable Revenue Workshop

Would you like to connect with MacKay CEO Forums’ founder, Nancy MacKay, to discuss how to get off of the revenue roller coaster ride and add $50k-$300K in recurring annual revenue by leveraging peer learning groups?

Although we are not currently offering any upcoming Predictable Revenue Workshops, we invite you to take the next step and complete our on-line Chair Capability Assessment. Once completed, you will be able to set up an individual appointment with Nancy to discuss our Forum Chair opportunity in more detail.

Testimonials from our Forum Chairs

Tim Magwood ~ 1 Degree/Shift

Katie Bennett ~ Double Black Diamond Coaching

Steve Foran ~ Gratitude At Work

“I partnered with MacKay because it’s a great complement to my coaching and consulting work. The peer factor is very powerful for my clients and I’ve also benefited from the exposure and support of the MacKay member and Forum Chair network.”



“Since working with MacKay CEO Forums I have had the opportunity to work closely with 45 CEOs within the three CEO peer groups that I run. I have found the CEO members at MacKay CEO Forums to be inspiring results-oriented leaders, yet from my personal experience, Nancy is one of the most inspiring of them all. She is incredibly committed to her purpose and mission, she drives results through partnership and focused effort, and she is creating a community of talented people who can support each other to be successful. You can tell she genuinely takes pride in other people’s success and that she is driven to make the world a better place.”